Your Barcelona trip Planner



Planning a trip to Barcelona is almost as exciting as the trip itself. Barcelona is located in Spain, which is part of Europe. Imagining all the places to go, things to see and experience.
When planning your Barcelona trip, it is probably best to use a travel agent if this is your first trip out of the country.
This way all the guess work has been removed and everything you need to know is right in front of you. Also your travel agent has all of the necessary tourist guides with travel information to get you on to your Barcelona trip.
Your travel agent can be especially helpful on matters like how and where to get your passport, what to bring and what not to bring since many things will not make it through the airport such as bathroom articles containing fluids more than a few ounces full.
Upon arrival in Barcelona it may also be a good idea to hire a tour guide, at least for the first day. This way the guide can give you a guided tour to all the best eateries, shops, parks, theater, beaches and much more.
Barcelona’s essential tourism information can help you find dozens of time and money saving tips just by talking to the local people, were such information would be difficult to find anywhere else. This kind of help will really make your planning your Barcelona trip that much more pleasurable.
Once you have arrived in Barcelona, if you have not already established a tour guide but still want to, this is not a problem. Almost every hotel in town will have all the information you need on tour guide companies.
Chances are you have already made up your mind on where to go in Barcelona and many other parts of Spain as well, but if there is any doubt to what is available, there is plenty of information online, tour magazines and word of mouth and so on.
So whatever your vacation plans are, whether to see the sights, enjoy the fine cuisines, shop or just rest, you have come to the right place.


Planning a trip to Sydney


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Whether it is in the Caribbean, the European continent or Australia, travelers would do well to plan ahead of time before they actually embark on their trip. With the aid of a trip planner, there will be little or no time wasted, giving the happy travelers the benefit of a fun filled holiday. Before putting your traveling plans together for Australia, here are a few things for you to consider.

Getting there

Consider the available prices for your airfare, after all, a little competition is good. Your trip planning will be affected by the price you pay for your tickets, so make certain to look for the best prices available to you. As an International traveler to Australia, you will have several airlines to choose from.

What to wear

For those that have never taken the journey down under, preparing a trip planner will require understanding what to expect as far as the climate is concerned. When you plan a trip to Australia, you need to remember that even though it is just below the equator, the temperatures are somewhat different from what you might be accustomed to.


Avoiding the pitfalls of a holiday could be as simple as purchasing the right insurance policy. As an experienced traveler on the way to Sydney, you should consider purchasing an insurance policy to help with some of the known issues that are associated with holiday trips like accidents, medical and lost valuables.

Where to stay

All travel planners should try to find the best accommodations, especially if they hope to be close to a particular group of tourist sites. As you make your hotel plans, it is a good idea to know how much of a budget you have to work with, how many people will be with you what you want to see when you get there.

What to do

And finally, the main reason for making travel arrangements to another country is so that you can learn something about their culture. Take a few minutes to do some research, figure out what you want to do when you get there and prepare a itinerary that makes sense.

The luxurious journey to Las Vegas


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Me and my girlfriend went to a trip of your dreams. We went to Las Vegas to the impressive Caesars palace hotel. The hotel was incredibly beautiful built in imitation of ancient Rome. The ceiling there is really breathtaking and sky simulator using lighting effects.

We walked around the hotel and saw large and magnificent statues of Greek mythology. We walked in stores in the “Forum” it’s a shopping center built like Roman street we felt the romantic atmosphere there. When we got a huge three-dimensional screen worked.

Hotels of Las Vegas located on the Las Vegas Strip, which strip hotels and entertainment venues in the city and include concerts in Las Vegas. Everything is usually open 24 hours a day.

We went excided to Circus Circus Hotel. This circus-style hotel and clowns. We saw performances by circus acrobats and artists in platform casino. We played darts game I won a teddy bear and gave it to my girlfriend. Afterwards we went to the “Adevnturedome”. It is an indoor air conditioned amusement park behind the hotel. We ate delicious ice cream, we got on the roller coaster, and we laughed madly in the colliding cars facility we enjoyed very much.

Later we returned to our hotel we showered and dressed sexy ready to go our hotel’s luxurious casino. I played Texas Hold’em poker and I won a thousand dollars, my girlfriend and I played blackjack and we won several hundred dollars. We played slot machines and had a royal dinner we drank a lot of wine, champagne and gin, adored roulette and drifted with the addictive atmosphere of the place. Memorable evening. The dessert of the night was insanely funny show of the artist Jerry Seinfeld.

In the morning we left for a funny trip about 35 km east of Las Vegas to one of the beaches of Lake Mead. We rented a boat and the cruise was beautiful after this we went for walk in the highlands area.  It is really amazing place.

In the evening we visit in the Bellagio hotel. We saw a spectacular show of singing fountains. This show combines water fountains, fire and music. Thereafter, we saw the show No. o the amazing “Cirque du Soleil”. You should not miss.

Want to be in Las Vegas too? You can start by planning a trip with this Las Vegas trip planner or look for points of interest in Las Vegas travel guide & tourist attractions on map.

The colorful journey to Bangkok


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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It’s an oriental and ancient city from the centuries 14-18. The city’s name means “Village Prunes” and it located at the meeting of three rivers and artificial canal. Me and my wife went to a magical journey there and I want to tell you our story.

We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. We stayed at the khaosanpalace hotel. It is in the middle of Khaosan Street. Khaosan Street was named as an expression for “peeled rice” because in the distant past it was a trading place for rice. The street is very popular, colorful and central.

We ate in Shoshana Restaurant a very good Israeli restaurant. later, we went for a walk and met a woman of a tribe wandered in the street she showed us her wares. She was very lovely and we bought from her an authentic unique handmade bracelet and an impressive wood carving that we can hang on the wall very beautiful souvenirs.

Afterwards we went to the Grand Palace found on the bank of the river “Chao phraya”. The palace covers an area of 218,000 square kilometers Surrounded by walls built in 1782. Between the walls there are the main offices of the local government, prayer halls, residence of the royal family. The structures in the palace are stunning: designed roofs with shapes that resemble Chinese pagoda some of them gold-plated, sculptures with figures placed throughout the area. Ceramic on the walls and decorated trees leaves like pompons- we enjoyed very much.
In the evening we went to the wine pub in the Pullman Hotel the place is very nice we ate pasta and ceases, drake wine. It is customary there when finished eating move the tables and start dancing. So after eating we danced and sang the songs, we had fun.

In the morning we went to the “Floating Market” usually women are sitting in very narrow boats in size of canoe and in front of them and behind them lying beside their goods for sale, straw hats, kitchen tools, pictures and gifts, vegetables and fruits, sometimes peeled and ready to eat. Later we decided to drive to KO Pha-ngan in Thailand. Bangkok is amazing we recommended decisively but to plan it on map by yourself. Enjoy !

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The exotic journey to Miami


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Me and my wife were in a beautiful journey at Miami Beach and I want to share our travel so that more couples can see and enjoy.

We stayed at a royal hotel in the southern area of the city “South Beach of Miami”. A couple hours of our flight we went to Lincoln Road this pedestrian street in the center of South Beach and you should go along it to see all the beautiful and unique stores, feel the magical atmosphere, learn about their culture and after  – taste the local food in one of the attractive restaurants. You can be impressed from the old and new construction.

In the evening we went dancing at Ocean Drive Street where all the beautiful and desirable, we dressed sexy and came in to a popular lounge bar. You need to come early till 22:30-23:00 because there are a lot of people and it’s could be more difficult to come inside.

In the morning we came back to Ocean Drive quarter to the see the amazing beaches with white sand, warm sea water, beautiful promenade and around us colorful low houses built in Art Deco style. We lie on a blanket and have tanned, drank cooler fruit juice and came into the warm water.

In the evening we went to “Little Havana” Cuban neighborhood in the Southwest of downtown we had an authentic Cuban dinner and we went for a walk among the colorful shops, there were smells of good coffee and salsa sounds echoed in the background. We set in the Maximo Lopez Domino Park We saw the elders of the community and they smoked cigars and played dominoes it was nice to meet them.

In the morning we went to Coconut Grove to Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. This site was the home of a local industrialist called James Deering. The building was built in Italian Renaissance style on 1916. It has 34 luxurious rooms around the house beautiful central garden. In the structure there is furniture and art from the centuries 15-19 extremely rewarding to see. So the trip came to an end and we came home happy and cheerful.

Have a look at this Miami trip planner or checkout this Miami travel guide if you want to plan a vacation in Miami.

The romantic tour to Paris


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Me and my boyfriend had the most romantic journey in the world. We were in the most desirable city the “city of lights” Paris French capital. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Champs Elysees Avenue.

We went for a walk in the bustling Champs Elysees avenue full of people, restaurants, cafes, showrooms of cars and absorbed the prestigious Parisian atmosphere. Came in to several stores brands, we ate in a beautiful restaurant watched the people walking in the boulevard, drank glass of red wine it was so romantic. We reached the Arc de Triomphe in the Charles de Gaulle Square and we have seen from the balcony the panoramic view of Paris. We walked till Place de la Concorde Avenue and tasted pastel macaroon cookies in Ladurée café.

We continued the Tuileries gardens they are beautiful tended gardens, we set in a charm corner relaxed and kissed. We enjoyed to see the Rococo statues of winged horses, many beautiful statues of characters from Greek mythology, Bronze sculptures of Henry Moore sculptures G’iakumti and works by Picasso and Calder, terraces and sloping surfaces, advanced toward the octagonal fountain surrounded by statues of the century – 18. Ducks swim happily in the waters of the pool, and give the place an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

We cruise until we got to the Eiffel Tower high laptop. Who built the tower is the Gustave Eiffel for the World’s Fair in 1889 and since then he is, in all its splendor and attracts many visitors. We took the elevator up to the second floor and up the stairs to the third floor. It was during sunset and the view was outstanding.

In the morning we went to Montparnasse Quarter to the Edgar Quinet market. Its artists market interesting, colorful and you can found there sculptures, paintings, fashion accessories, housewares, and more. It’s nice walking around the market and very interesting to meet the artists and hear about their invested works. The journey was wonderful and left us wanting more. We saw that it was good for us to plan the trip ourselves. Thank you for your reading.

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The journey to the big apple New York


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I went on unforgettable business trip to New York. I am single, unrestrained, who comes to enjoy at the city which never sleeps.

I stayed in a magnificent hotel in Soho neighborhood in New York.                I wandered down the street and I felt the stylish air I saw plenty of exclusive galleries, boutiques, buildings of special architectural and aesthetic. I got to couple designer stores and bought myself fashionable items. The people here have developed fashion sense. I went to another unique store and bought gifts and crafts made by an artist.

Later, I went to popular restaurants in Sunset time and I saw the place becomes lively bar restaurant. I ate a very delicious meal in the Mediterranean style. I noticed a beautiful women sitting alone at the table next to me and I invited her to join me. She agreed and we talked and laughed and drank wine. Later we went to a local pub she knows danced and enjoyed and spent a great night.

In the morning I met the beautiful woman and we went to an Interesting art gallery called “Terrain Gallery”. The gallery shows the relationship between technique in the arts to people’s lives.  There are exhibitions of contemporary paintings, prints, drawings and photographs. Among the artists exhibiting we saw Will Barnet, Robert Blackburn, Ad Reinhardt Harold, Arnold Schmidt, Andre and more. It was spectacular.

Then we bought fruit and cheese and went to Central Park in Manhattan, the upper Side of New York.

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Dreamy trip plan itinerary on map


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One bright day I opened my eyes, saw the amazing view reflects the window and was caught with lust for a beautiful “voyage”.  The warm sun, colorful flowers, chirping birds…  Already jumped to my head the first ideas but I taught that I want to plan this itinerary trip on the map by myself, I want to surprise my wife and plan it till the little details. Sometimes it happens to you? Identify with the feeling?
I wanted a warm place maybe exotic and certain romantic, so I found a beautiful island. I googled and read about an organized trips to there and noticed they are so boring and not “us” and remember my point of view to plan it on map by myself, our fantasy journey.
Excited I opened the map chose a route on the map in parallel I chose the hotel and the dreamy seaside and located it on the map. “I’m in the middle of the way” I screamed. I search restaurants, pubs and parks according to the route on the map.

The preparations

I made some calls ordered the suite at the hotel watched the entire pictures ohm…the cost… set the restaurants  and a calming park, a sexy pub and fantasied me and her walking on the shore full of alcohol and drunk from love.  I located all the sites that we want to visit in the map and completed my route.
I actually enjoyed very much to use the map, organized all the arrangements by myself with my taste, our Schedule, learn to use it.
I recommend to everyone to experienced it at least once and see how it feels.

When the dream became true

So.. I tell you the juicy part of the story. I took my lady to dance we went up to the balcony, under the stars I told her we are flying to a dreamy place tomorrow! she was so surprised and excited. The journey was amazing like I’ve planned it, better so delightful. My tip is to dare and go after your dreams they will come true.